Music Mixing Apps to Unleash the DJ Within You

Mastering Mix Skills

If pressing play on your shuffled playlist is not enough, it is time to step your DJ deck. With these apps for music mixing, you may loop, crossfade, cue, pitch-shift, and much more for remixing your digital library. Even the apps for smartphones and tablets are in the mix for on-the-go editing that’s particularly helpful when you are out and your current playlist is not cutting it.

Once you have mastered mixing in your home recording studio set-up, it would be best to upload and record your mixes to the cloud service and join its community of professional and amateur DJs. In addition to that, consider investing in the MIDI DJ controller. It’ll be pricier than the apps, yet the ability to fiddle with the actual knobs will allow you to be more adventurous.

Mix Djay

With a clutter-free and unintimidating interface, Djay is a good tool for both seasoned mixers and beginners. The turntable design highlights the album art for attractive setup and leaves out any unnecessary buttons as well as cheesy effects. You should also have fun clicking around and trying out the features to get comfortable and experiment with the transition ideas to differ your mixes.

Traktor DJ

The mobile versions of Traktor are ideal for being a DJ with the designs that make most of shrunken screen space. Such apps might not be the best for starters, yet once you are familiar with how the mixer works, you will be a Traktor professional in no time. Ensure that you have a charger ready as such apps will drain the battery.

Virtual DJ Home

While its interface is not as clean as other mixing apps, its primary advantage is that it is free ad for average amateur, this is more than enough. All standard tools and effects are made available and the overlaying sound waves will help you see the ways how beats are matching up if you do not trust your ear just yet.


The Edjing’s free version is limiting and needs you to earn points in unlocking particular standard functions including looping, yet those looking for a DJ mobile app that’s no-fuss and can transition and cue up between the tracks and play with the high, mid, and low ranges.

Cross DJ

The strength of Cross DJ is that this is available in different platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. The larger the device screen, the more room for the features, so smartphone versions will look bare in comparison. The free version for desktop Mac makes room for video sampling, yet works on paid version only.

PocketDJ Vintage

If you do not have the latest Android smartphone, you are not left out of the arena of mobile DJ. The creators of the PocketDJ Vintage designed this app with low-end, older Androids in mind. While the advanced features are absent, you may still crossfade and loop for seamless song transition with the double deck design.